Auto Synchronize Users To All Websites In WordPress Multisite Network

On a WordPress multisite network, by default users are kept limited to their websites and are not automatically added to other websites. Though there are some plugins that allows you to add users to other subsites. 

Like earlier we have discussed in this lesson about:

  1. Auto-adding users to other websites
  2. Keeping a ‘Join This Site’ button as a sidebar widget etc

Today you will learn about enabling an automatic syncronization for users on WordPress multisite network. Yes, Multisite User Sync is the new WordPress plugin that automatically synchronizes all registered users to all websites in multisite WordPress installation.

Start by installing ‘Multisite User Sync’

Upon activation, when a new user is created from admin panel or registered from frontend, it is added to all websites automatically.

Roles of users are also kept same on each website and changing role on one website automatically synchronizes the effect to all other websites.

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