Top 15 WordPress User Control, Management And Display Plugins

Here are fifteen best (tested) WordPress plugins that allows you to manage and control your website users in a more friendly way. You can restrict content, you can restrict their access, approve-unapprove, make them work only on front-end by providing all control and afeatures there itself, display them according to their roles using a grid view etc and much more.

[list style=”plus”]

Plugin For Extend Control Over WordPress User Management With Members Plugin

For Displaying Total Number Of Users With Roles On Your WordPress Site

For Adding Action Links To WordPress User Tables So That You Can Approve-Unapprove New User Registrations

Plugin for limiting WordPress Admin Area From Specified User Roles And Allow Them Edit Their Settings From Frontend.

Plugin For Listing The Emails Of Your WordPress Site Users By Role

For Displaying WordPress User Avatars In A Beautiful And Customizable Grid View

Easily Edit Standard WordPress User Roles Using User Role Editor

Administrator Type User Role Excluding The Capability To Manage Plugins And Change Themes In WordPress

Show-Hide WordPress Categories On The Basis Of User Role

Get Control Over Reading & Editing Permissions And Assign Restrictions & Roles To Specific Content In WordPress

Restrict WordPress Navigation Menu Items To Specific User Roles

Select Specific Users To See Specific Content In WordPress

Get Moderated Editing Possible For Published WordPress Content And Enable Approval By Editor

Blog administrators can approve a user before those users are able to access and login to your website.


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