Easily Add Point Management System And Ignite User Engagement In WordPress

CubePoints is a free point management system for WordPress website users. This plugin lets you give your website visitors virtual credits on the basis of posting comments, creating new posts and even by logging in each day to your website, after gathering more points you can give them rewards like allowing access to some articles, downloads etc. the purpose of all these features is to increase user engagement on your site so that you can get more page views, high business ranking and more clicks on affiliate and other earning programs.

CupePoints is modular and hence you can extent various offers to make your users earn-spend points and spend more time on your website. It also provides APIs for other plugins to work with CubePoints.

Install and activate it, it adds a new menu on your dashboards sidebar. Select ‘Configure’ option present in the CubePoints menu of your dashboard, here you can assign post for making comments, minus point for deleting comments, writing new posts and registering on your website.

You can activate modules by visiting Modules page from CubePoints menu. If you are a WordPress developer you can easily add more modules as per your like, this is the best thing about this plugin.

Now for displaying points for logged in users and top users having more points, visit Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets and use its widgets.

CubePoint Integration For BuddyPress Users:

If you are a running  BuddyPress network then you can integrate CubePoints with your BuddyPress install by using CubePoints Buddypress Integration plugin. This adds point options for BuddyPress features like creating new groups, uploading profile avatars, minus points for leaving or deleting any group etc. For additional help and supports CubePoints Support Forum is available.

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