Top 3 WordPress Plugins To Auto Generate Post Tags

Instead of manually adding tags to your WordPress posts, you can automatically generate them from post title,excerpt and content. Great for multi author and multi-blog WordPress sites where you have a lot of members and you want them all to tag their content before publishing it online. In this tutorial we are sharing a list of some good and tested automatic tagger plugins.

Top 3 WordPress Plugins To Auto Generate Post Tags

[heading size=”17″]Titles To Tags[/heading]

As clear from its name, the plugin automatically converts keywords used in a post title to post tags as soon the author saves or updates it. The tag list is automatically added in tags meta box and is user-editable.

  • Converts keywords in post titles to tags
  • Includes user-editable list of words to be ignored
  • Ignore list can be reset to default at any time
  • Converts on save, not publish.
  • Does not convert if there are already tags assigned.

[heading size=”17″]WP FixTag[/heading]

Here automatic tagging is done from post content. The plugin automatically generates tags for posts. Tags can either be defined by admin or the plugin can automatically extract them from post content and add them to post. This plugin does all operations automatically when a post is published or any old post is edited.

[heading size=”17″]Automatic Post Tagger[/heading]

The plugin automatically adds user defined tags to posts. You don’t have to manually type any tags, all you have to do is create a list of tags with related words for each of them and that’s it. The plugin automatically adds relevant tags when a post is published or updated.

  • Automatically adds tags to posts according to their title, content and excerpt
  • Tags can be added when different user-defined keywords are found
  • Smart wildcard representation of any alphanumeric characters
  • Configurable maximum number of tags per post
  • Bulk tagging of multiple posts
  • Import/export tool
  • Workaround for Latin diacritic characters (non-Latin alphabets, e.g. Arabic or Chinese aren’t supported yet)

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