How To Use Google Chrome In Text Mode And Save Bandwidth?

You can make your web browsing faster and save bandwidth by accessing web in simple text mode from your Google Chrome web browser. Text Mode is a Google Chrome extension that simply enables you to browse all web content in pure text. It automatically removes all images, videos and other heavy media files from webpages and makes them fast & lightweight. This way you can also save the data provided by your internet service provide (ISP) and decrease your billing amounts.

How To Browse Web In Text Mode Using Google Chrome? 1

The extension works out of box, instead of displaying that ugly unloaded image symbol it replaces all images to a stripped place holder and retains the default page layout. The extension also converts the web pages into simple back and white colors and makes it easier for you to scan and read.

How To Browse Web In Text Mode Using Google Chrome? 2

Using Text Mode extension you can view text only pages, images, video, flash, are never loaded, color-free pages are easier on the eye, it reduces page load, provides you one-click easy access and removes 99% of the ads without any extra software like Adblocker etc. It also provides you an options page from where you can choose from multiple image replacements.

How To Browse Web In Text Mode Using Google Chrome? 3

To staring using Text Mode, add it in your Google Chrome or Chromium browser. After download, it places a ‘T’ button on the top right corer of your browser’s screen (right next to address bar). Clicking the button enables the text mode and another click disables it.

For changing the color and image replacement options, right click the same ‘T’ icon and select ‘Options’ from the menu.

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