How To Auto Rename Images On Upload In WordPress?

You can set WordPress to automatically rename images and other media files on upload in order to better your SEO. Images can be automatically renamed on the basis of post title, site URL and more.

File Renaming on upload is a WordPress plugin that automatically renames media files right before the upload moment so that they can be exhibited without any problems. It renders filenames properly with accents and special characters.

The plugin also allows you to use your post title or prefix website domain name to make your images more SEO friendly.

Start by installing ‘File Renaming On Upload’ plugin in WordPress

Upon activation, visit your admin area dashboard Settings -> File Renaming to select your options:

  1. Add Site url: Inserts “” at the beginning of the file name. Ex: yoursite.com_filename.jpg
  2. Replace file name by datetime: Replaces filename by date-time, like “2013-07-18_21-48-19”
  3. Lowercase: Converts all characters to lowercase
  4. Remove accents & special chars: Removes these special chars: ? + [ ] / \ = < > : ; , ‘ ” & $ # * ( ) | ~ ` ! { }

You simply need to tick the options you like to enable on image upload. Save changes and that’s it, it automatically works each time a new file is uploaded on your WordPresss website using Media Library and Add Media thick box on post edit screens.

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