Automatically Add User Defined Tags To Your WordPress Blog Posts

Add tags automatically rather than manually. Using Automatic Post Tagger plugin by Devtard all you have to do is create a list of tags with related words for each of them and this plugin automatically adds relevant tags when a post is published or updated. Also it offers you the feature to import those tags which are already present in your database and assign them to all posts.

Installation & Usage

  1. Install and activate the plugin
  2. Visit your WordPress admin area Dashboard -> Settings ->Automatic Post Tagger
  3. Scroll down to ‘Create new tag’ section and add your tags with keywords.

For configuring more of its features, visit Automatic Post Tagger’s options page from dashboard -> settings menu.

It Comes packed with following features:

  1. Automatically adds tags to posts according to their title, content and excerpt
  2. Tags are added to a post also when different user-defined keywords are found (example: tag “cat” is added if you assign to it words “cats, kitty, meow” and they are found in a post by the plugin)
  3. Smart wildcard representation of any alphanumeric characters for related words (pattern “cat*” will match “cats” and “category”, pattern “c*t” will match “cat” and “colt” etc.)
  4. Adds tags to all posts with just one click (three ways of handling already assigned tags)
  5. Configurable maximum amount of tags per post (Automatic Post Tagger won’t add more tags than you want)
  6. Supports importing already existing tags, creating and importing backups
  7. Workaround for Latin diacritic characters (non-Latin alphabets like Arabic or Chinese aren’t supported)
  8. Autoblog friendly

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