How To Display YouTube Videos On WordPress Dashboard?

YouTube videos can now be embedded in WordPress dashboard’s home screen, the admin area page where users are automatically directed as soon they logins to your WordPress site. Video Dashboard is the new WordPress plugin by Brian Johnson, it allows you to display YouTube videos using a dashboard widget which can be dragged repositioned and edited.


By default the plugin allows you to display 10 videos but you can increase or decrease this number and also you can set the minimum user role you wish to be able to see the videos in the dashboard.


Its admin page (Dashboard -> Settings -> Video Dashboard) lets you specify up to 50 YouTube video either by adding their IDs or simply by pasting their URLs. After adding videos, use the dropdown box for selecting the minimum user role that is able to see them in dashboard. Save the changes and visit Dashboard -> Home and the videos will be showing up there on a widget.

As said by the developer, “Possible future upgrades will include Vimeo embedding, more precise role control, and more robust video embedding options”.

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