How To Use To Start Your Website Designing Business?

A few things you must have to start your website designing business is your own domain and website where you can show up your information, what kind of websites you can design and what are your charges. A website is the first impression of your online business, it helps you in gaining more trust. A professionally design website leaves good impression on your visitors and encourages them to become your client. In this tutorial we will discuss how you can use to start your website designing business.

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Things you should own to start your website designing business:

  1. Your Own Domain Name – So that you can advertise it, promote to bring traffic and make your new customers.
  2. An Ultimate Hosting Plan – So that you can add unlimited domains and create websites without having to purchase a separate hosting plan everytime for a new customer.
  3. Your Website – You can design it yourself by reading our this tutorial or get it designed by at the rate of your own budget.

How to Create Your Web Designing Business Website?

You can create your business website yourself using our one click WordPress install in Ultimate Hosting Plan:

  • Step-1. Log in to your Account Manager.
  • Step-2. Click Web Hosting.
  • Step-3. Next to the hosting account you want to use, click Launch.
  • Step-4. Click Applications.
  • Step-5. Click WordPress, and then click Install Now!
  • Step-6. Select the domain name you want to use, and then click Next.
  • Step-7. Enter a database description and passwords for the database, and then click Next.
  • Step-8. Choose a directory to install WordPress into, and then click Continue.

Now if you want to install WordPress into your root directory (a.k.a. make it the website your visitors immediately see as soon they visit your domain address then delete everything from this field excluding slash(/).)

  • Step-9. Enter your Admin name, password, email and Blog title. This creates your WordPress account login credentials you’ll use to log in for the first time.

And just don’t worry about your website title, that can be changed later if you want. Remember, WordPress is amazingly customizable!

  • Step-10.When you’re done, click Finish. A conformation screen displays, and the system of SANGKRIT.ney is on get cracking on installing your brand-new WordPress based website with the details you have supplied.

Once WordPress is installed, system will send you an email.

See, we have already told you that was going to be super easy. After you get the completion email, then login to your website (by visiting address) and start playing in there to learn everything.

In-case if you are facing any problem then talk to us via following contact form or by sending an email to

Now your website is up and running, its time to choose a theme, create pages and customize your website. You can learn each and everything about customizing your website by visiting -> Free Presss -> WordPress -> Beginners Guide page.

WordPress Beiginners Guide by SANGKRIT

Scroll down to page and use page number links for browsing more tutorials.

How To Create Your Client’s Websites?

The Ultimate Hosting Plan and above give steps (Step-1 to 10) are enough for creating your client websites too. You can add domains of your clients in your Ultimate Hosting Plan and start installing their websites. Each domain has a separate hosting directory where you can install WordPress site using the same above steps.

There are many other ways of creating your client websites. If you know how to use WordPress then it you can start creating all kinds of websites in minutes. -> Free Press -> WordPress menu provides you all kinds of tutorials on creating websites.

You can also use one click WordPress install for creating your client’s websites.

OR alternatively, you may purchase websites from and then resell them to your customers tagging your own price.

You can ask to design your client’s website and then pay 20% (to system of of what you are charging your customer.

If you want to learn creating websites yourself then our authors are always ready to encourage you, help you and provide you with useful tutorials and guides. You may contact us anytime at

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