Fix Up Incorrect Facebook Post Share Image Issue In WordPress

Facebook uses open graph meta tags to show up image on shared post links. There are various plugins (like official Facebook plugin for WordPress) that automatically generates open graph meta tags and optimize images for Facebook sharing in WordPress. 

Most WordPress users want Facebook to use their post thumbnail on shared links but sometimes Facebook doesn’t picks up featured post image and uses some other image when a post is shared.

And many times Facebook automatically picks up irrelevant website image like advertisement image file or any other post image etc.

In this lesson you will learn about fixing this issue and making Facebook to use the image of your choice on both automatically and manually shared WordPress posts.

First of all make sure WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin is installed and working on your WordPress site.

Second step is to navigate your admin area dashboard SEO -> Social page, click ‘Facebook’ tab and tick ‘Add Open Graph meta data’ checkbox.

This activates a ‘Social’ tab on ‘WordPress SEO by Yoast’ metabox on your ADD NEW/EDIT post screens where you can click ‘Upload Image’ button and select the image of your choice to get it fetched on Facebook when sharing that specific post.


For perfect sharing, aspect ratio of Facebook image should be 1.91:1 i.e. minimum 600×315 pixels whereas recommended size is 1200×630 pixels, images of this size get a larger display treatment on Facebook.

By using the same metabox you can define Facebook share image for each and every post or post type you compose on your WordPress site.

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