How To Make A Static Website Using WordPress?

Sometimes people need only a static website of few pages. Many don’t want to update their websites regularly by making new blog posts instead they only use a website for showcasing some important thinks like details about their business, social media links, projects with about and contact page etc. The best thing about WordPress is that you can use it for creating any type of website like a blog, a static website, a social network, a webstore or all in one or whatever. In this tutorial we will be show you how to use WordPress as a static website.

Static websites can be used for many purposes like

  1. Static website can be used as your online resume page
  2. Static websites can used as home page of all your cloud or ground services
  3. Static website can be used for putting information about your product, as your product’s website
  4. Film makers launch static websites for promoting their films
  5. Singers and musicians use static website for promoting their new albums or singles etc
  6. Photographers and models use static website for making their online portfolios
  7. Old days authors use it for showcasing or featuring all their books and speaking engagements etc
  8. Offline business owners use it for providing their business overview and contact information etc
  9. And there can be a lot other reasons…..

How To Transform WordPress Blog Into A Static Website?

To start, you should have WordPress installed on your domain. Read our tutorial about installing WordPress and then follow the given steps:

[quote]If you are doing this on a fresh WordPress installation then login to your WordPress admin area ( and delete sample post and page published automatically by WordPress. You can do so by visiting Dashboard -> Posts ->All Posts page and deleting the post with title ‘Hello World!’, then visit Dashboard -> Pages -> All Pages and do same for ‘Sample Page’.[/quote]

Visit Dashboard -> Pages -> Add New admin page for creating new pages like a page to use on website’s home and other additional pages you need like About, Contact, Projects etc.

How To Make A Static Website Using WordPress? 1

Navigate to Dashboard –> Settings –> Reading page. From the first section (Front page displays) tick the radio button for a static page and then use ‘Front Page’ drop down for selecting a page to show-up on your website’s home.

How To Make A Static Website Using WordPress? 2

In-case if you also like running a blog on side of your website then use ‘Posts Page’ dropdown and assign a blog page for your posts. Finally, Save your changes and you’re done.

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