How To Create A Season’s Website Using WordPress?

By the late 19th century, “With the Season’s Greetings” and “The Season’s Greetings” quotes began appearing. Whereas by 1920s it had been shortened to “Season’s Greetings,” and has been used as a greeting card fixture. Now-a-days season’s websites are being used as online greetings, these websites exist in all known human cultures, helps people to come in contact and feel more close to each other on special occasions.


People get to gather online on these websites, they share their feelings and intentionally make their presence known to each other, no matter where they are located.

Anyone can start a seasonal website in minutes and then add his family members and friends, assign them a login account and so that they can write articles, share photos, create galleries, upload videos and more like a multiuser blogging website. You can also show other details, add multiple pages, create articles or invite your friends to join you in an event, party etc.

Things You Will Need:

  1. A Domain Name
  2. A Website Hosting
  3. WordPress (FREE)

How To Create A Season’s Website?

To start, first and most important thing to do is register your domain name and get a website hosting plan.

WordPress CMS and theme can be installed later on with’s one click WordPress installation feature. We have already posted a step by step guide on starting a WordPress site.

After WordPress is installed in your hosting account, login to your website and set up the basic configurations. Click here to browse WordPress tutorials for newbie users.

Visit Dashboard -> Appearance -> Themes page, and click ‘Add New’ button followed by ‘Feature Filter’ tab.

How To Create A Season's Website Using WordPress? 1

From the last column with title ‘Subject’ tick seasonal & holiday and apply the filter (you may use other filters too).

How To Create A Season's Website Using WordPress? 2

You will be seeing a list of WordPress themes specially designed for season’s websites. Find a good theme that suits your website and install it by clicking ‘Install’ button.

Now for adding your friends and family members to your website, visit Dashboard -> Users -> Add New page and you can add new members to your website by auto-sending them an invitation with their username and password to login to your website.

How To Create A Season's Website Using WordPress? 3

You can create new pages, write articles, add widgets, create menus, install more featuresenable social networking functions and much more.

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