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Shardul Pandey Talks To Lucy Raw

Shardul Pandey Talks To Lucy Raw

I welcome you Lucy Raw at, please tell our netizens about yourself.

Well I’m from London, and have lived here my whole life. It’s my favourite city in the world. My parents are both business people and also very inspirational to me, so I always knew that I wanted to get the most I could out of life.

However, school was not for me, like both my parents, I liked to think creatively and step outside the box. I went to full time theatre school, Sylvia Youngs, at the age of 10. I then went to boarding school, and then back to theatre school, this time The Art’s Educational Schools for two years of sixth form studying Musical theatre, I just love change and constantly seek new and exciting opportunity’s. However after my first year of sixth form I started to wonder what I was doing, I loved the school and the people and the atmosphere and I appreciated the chance to go to such an amazing school and have such wonderful opportunities, but at the end of the day I wanted to break out into the world and start working for my own success.

I always thought I would end up going to drama school and follow the normal route that the majority of my friends would take, but this would take me up to the age of about 23, and I couldn’t wait that long being dragged through the same system as everyone else, for some people that is the right route, but I knew that wasn’t for me.

So after talking it though with my parents and friends I decided to take the bold move of leaving and risking making it by myself,. But I was never by myself, I have so much support from my parents. My mum is my manager and even though she drives me crazy, she is so forward thinking and creative I would be nowhere without her. And my Dad is the logistic one who is so business minded he questions everything and looks into every idea before just throwing it out there. I am very lucky to have such opposite but perfectly matched parents to balance everything out.

And now I am on a very exciting journey towards my goal of becoming a successful recording artist and songwriter.

How do you best describe what music is to you?

For me music is just part of my life, I’ve been brought up with it. And many different genres, so it’s never just been about one style for me. I’m one of those people that has to take headphones with me everywhere because, it just improves the day and makes everything so much more exciting, such as walking down the street. Also if I find a song I love I will listen to it again and again until I’m sick of it. But for me making music is the best, I could be in a studio for 12 hours and never get bored of hearing something so simple come to life.

What are you doing now-d-days? On what projects you are currently working on?

I’m going through a very exciting time at the moment as my life gets to take an amazing new direction, and I can decide where it is I want to go. I am currently working on doing a few covers of songs I love, and I am also working to produce my own songs too. Theres so much going on for me right now, I have some amazing opportunity.

Would you like to briefly explain your sound to people who have not yet heard your music?

My sound is quite pop/r&b. But I’m not giving too much away, I would love people to hear it for themselves!

Likewise you are also a songwriter so tell us about your process of song writing? I mean how new ideas sparks up in your mind, when your write songs and when you get completely satisfied with output?

With songwriting I think you can’t decide when you are going to write a song, for me there will just be something that clicks as I’m on a run or shopping, I will just have an idea of a word or a line, and then make a note of it. Then I use that to develop something. It is strange how it works but it’s also fun and exciting.

Who were your biggest musical influences ?

My biggest musical influences, I have so many in so many different ways. I think a big one for me was Amy Winehouse as I listened to her from such a young age. Also people like Adele as she had such a powerful voice.

What is something you learned recently about singing, and what are you learning about right now?

I think with singing there is always more to learn and new things evolving and new trends just like most things in life. But I think the key is to always be ahead of the trend, people always want something new and fresh and that’s fun to discover.

Do you ever feel like the music industry is very competitive and that people will not hear your music?

Yes of course, the music industry is very difficult, and I think everyone will always have that element of worry as to if they will be discovered and if they’re music will be heard. But if I didn’t think I could do it then I wouldn’t be trying. You have to put everything you have behind it, and you have to believe in yourself. For me this is my whole life, I gave up school to pursue what I know I really want to do. And so far I am extremely happy I made that choice.

Is there any other projects you have planned?/ Any future plans? / Plans for international tour on your skyline?

Yes I have a lot planned for the future, I like to write down my goals so I can see where I’m going and I have it in black and white. I think visualising helps you to see them more clearly.

What CD do you have stuck in the back of your collection ?

The best CD I have in the back of my collection would have to be the Spice Girls, it just brings back memories of being about 5 years old and dancing and singing my way to school. I knew every word to every song. I’m sure my parents had enough of that after about a year!

Any loves other than singing and music? What you do for fun & entertainment?

One of my favourite hobbies is exercise. I am actually a qualified personal trainer. I’m not sure why but I could spend the whole day in the gym and never get bored, I love pushing myself to the limit and I am also very competitive! Another love of mine is shopping. When I have free time I just take my self to Harrods or Selfridges (my two favourite places on earth) and shop. Even if I’m not buying anything I just like to walk around and look. And I always like to have this months Vouge handy. I love shopping alone as it gives me time to think.

I read somewhere that you are also a blogger? So what is your domain name and what topics you blog about?

My blog address is I love writing so this is great for me, my blog is about me and I write a diary of my crazy life around London. My group of friends and I are all either Singers, actors, actresses, dancers or models so we all have huge ambition, which is great because we can all help and support each other. And we all live fun and exciting lives so it’s great to share that with people. I also have a section on fitness and give tips on keeping fit and exercise, which I really enjoy and I’m always telling my friends so I thought ‘why not make it a section in my blog?’.

How you access Internet? What device you use? What according to you is more comfortable, quick and easy device for accessing Internet?

I usually use my laptop, Ipad and Iphone. As a young person we always have to have something attached to us so we can connect with the world! But my phone is definitely my number one accessory.

Lucy Raw

What are you likes and dislikes?

My likes and dislikes…we my love in life has to be be chocolate. Anyone that knows me knows that! and my dislikes…the traffic in London! I am learning to drive at the moment and it just drives me crazy!

Tell us about your holiday destination.

My favourite holiday destination would have to be LA. My friend and I went there in the summer. We were meant to be there for 10 days and ended up staying for a month! We fell in love with it. We brought our new roller skates with us and spent everyday roller skating up Venice beach, where we were staying, and we made so many friends. If we’d have had it our way we would have stayed there all summer! It was the best month of the whole year. I can’t wait to spend more time there.

Tell us something about your city and your favorite hangout spots there?

London, England. It’s such a crazy but amazing city and there is always something going on. One of my favourite places to be is Hyde Park. In the summer you have the ponds and paddle boats and fountains and in the winter you have Winter Wonderland which is the best fun fair in the whole world. (at least that’s what I think) London also has some of the best shopping in the world, Oxford street and Old Bromton road are the best streets. There is also cool and quirky places in Shorditch, like Brick lane. Theres also a lot of history to London and some amazing architecture.
It’s a great place to be.

What is your ultimate message for netizens?

My ultimate message to netizens would be to always aim high and chase your dreams. You do only get one life, everyone should spend it doing what they love and surrounded by good friends and family.

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