Shardul Pandey Talks To Claudia Romani

Claudia Romani is a supermodel. She has appeared on covers of popular magazines like Cosmopolitan, GQ and Maxim etc. In 2006 she was voted one of the 100 Sexiest Women in the World by FHM Denmark. Now a days she is based in Miami, Florida. Claudia has appeared on commercials for Samsung, Toyota, and Ford. In the Latin market she has appeared in shows like Noche de Perros and Despierta America. She is also the official model on the TV show Esta Noche Tu Night on Mega TV.

She won the title of Miss Internet by Clarence as well as “Denmark’s Most Beautiful Legs” by Q magazine and “Page 9 Miss Of the Year” by Ekstra Bladet. In February 2013 she was voted among the “Most Beautiful of 2012” by GQ Mexico, ahead of Sofia Vergara, Alyssa Miller, and Megan Fox. She was also named one of the “10 Most Beautiful Italian Women” by The in 2013.

She was voted best bikini body 2012 on the VH1 website in the supermodels category, beating Adriana Lima and Naomi Campbell. Afterwards she won in round 2 with Selena Gomez and in round 3 with Drita D’Avanzo. She was in the final with Beyonce at the VH1 Awards Finals; Beyonce won 52.88% against 47.12% Claudia. Three of Claudia’s pictures also made it to the VH1 chart of the 100 Hottest Photos of 2012. Claudia won the 2014 Mentality Magazine March Hotness Tournament, beating out 64 of the most beautiful women in the world.

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Claudia has been a spokesperson for Gran Fondo Giro D’Italia, a cycling race organized by Giro D’Italia and Gazzetta dello Sport in Miami. As of 2013 she retains the role and has traveled in the US as a spokesmodel for Gran Fondo, working at the Five Boro Bike Tour in New York City and the Interbike convention in Las Vegas. On November 10, 2013 she the spokesperson for Gran Fondo Giro in Miami, posing at the start line with professional cyclist Pippo Pozzato, next to event sponsors Lamborghini.

In the summer of 2013 she was invited along with several French media figures to join the Starwest Celebrity “Petanque” (bocce ball) tournament, in Arcachon, France, with her own team.

She is also a spokesperson for Forza l’Aquila alongside the Italian rugby team, in support of her hometown after it was hit by an earthquake. In August 2013 she was invited to the Circolo Tennis L’Aquila, where her grandfather used to play, for a photoshoot and to help with the tennis organization’s international image-building after the earthquake. Also in the summer of 2013 she was chosen to represent her hometown soccer team L’Aquila Calcio. – SOURCE

I welcome you Claudia at, please tell our netizens about yourself. I am an Italian girl, only child.. I grew up in L’Aquila, central Italy. I have always had lots of cats. I became a vegetarian at a very young age and for me that’s the only way. I studied languages, then moved to Denmark to study and for the experience… I was scouted by FHM Magazine and never stopped modeling since. I lived in London, currently Miami. I work on the Latin TV and model for many European and American companies and magazines.

Describe yourself in three words. Motivated, ambitious , perfectionist.

What languages do you speak? Italian, English, French, Spanish, some Danish and some Portuguese.

How would you describe your personality? I am a perfectionist, so unless I can do something well I don’t even try!

How would you describe your style? I am girlie, I like everything thats feminine.

Can you sum up your style in three words? Girlie, sexy, flattering (my body type).

What’s your most memorable shoot? And What kind of shoots would you like to work on in the future? Probably a calendar shoot for a Danish company.. I was covered in concrete! Epic pics hehe I hope to do a shoot in favor of animals, something to make people think.

How would you describe your professional interests? I am a spokesperson for products and causes I believe in.

What do you think, Is it important to attended fashion modeling courses? Does they really help newbies to get a foothold in Fashion Industry? I think experience is the key. And being super motivated.

Is there anything you want to change about yourself, what are they? Of course like everyone there are things I like less than others, but I learnt to accept them.

What kind of modeling are you interested in and why? Photograph ic, TV, spokesmodeling, basically what I am best at according to my type and personality.

Do you have any other experience in the fashion industry (like writing photography etc.)? I write for magazines and websites.

Describe the atmosphere when you’re on a shoot? It’s always fun, but I try to be 100% professional and deliver what s requested.

Do you have any limitations? No fur!!!

What are your strengths? And what are your weaknesses? I am curvy, so not everything fits like on a hanger :) But that’s a plus I believe. Women need curves!

Describe the ideal work environment for you. Professional!

What makes a stylish lady or man? Is there a difference? Dressing for their type, enhancing the qualities, masking the flaws.

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Who are some of your favorite fashion photographers? I like to pose for Massimo Masini , amazing Italian photographer.

What’s your favorite outfit from your own closet? LBD.

Do you have a favourite clothing item, and if so what is it and why? I like little black dresses, they suit me and are wearable for any occasion.

Who are some of your favorite models and designers? I love Monica Bellucci, Cindy Crawford, Helena Christensen, classy, curvy, beautiful.

Where do you generally like to shop? Do you shop online? I shop in Miami :) but London has the best shops! Online at times! Check out our site for some fun stuff.

What’s your beauty regime? Veggie diet, lots of water, workout daily, swimming, long walks, moisturizing a lot.

What’s your take on size zero? There are girls naturally thin,so thats ok. But those who starves themselves to fit in a size 0 pair of jeans do totally wrong. Curves are beautiful and womanly.

Excluding all complicated beauty & fitness mantra what do you think to be the easiest way to look pretty and glamorous ? Being healthy!

Do you have a diet mantra? Tell me about the diet you follow on daily basis? I am a vegetarian. I eat little but often.

Is there anything you avoid eating? Any type of meat and fish and most of white, refined foods.

What’s your favorite healthy treat(s)? I love fruits and I swear by the bars, British brand, a raw mix of fruits and nuts.

How do you stay fit? How much you workout? What types of exercises you do? Once a day, gym or workout DVDs.

What according to you is the easiest way to be in shape? There s no easy way, there is discipline.

What’s your biggest indulgence? I love chocolate.

How do you enjoy your time off, away from work? What keeps you happy? I live in Miami so I love to spend some time pool side or swimming, I also love traveling.

What are your favorite hang out spots in the Miami? I like the W hotel, different eateries on Lincoln Road, I live in South Beach and feel at home.

What is your favorite city? I love London, so international.

What magazines & weblogs you like to read? I love Egotastic, Moe Jackson, Gossip Blitz, I also like to read British and Italian magazines to stay up to date.

How you communicate with other netizens, specially your followers? How often you reply to them? I have a huge following and I love it! I try to get back when I can.

How you access Internet? What according to you is more comfortable device for accessing Internet? All of them , but I like the phone as I am on the go a lot.

Do you own a domain? Do you blog? & And I write monthly on the Italian national magazine Style Papers.

What is your ultimate message for netizens? Keep on following me and being as amazing as you are!

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