Shutter Reloaded: More Small And Fast (Less Than 10KB) WordPress Lightbox Plugin

We have already discussed about some of the best Light box plugins that you can use in your WordPress site. What lightbox does is, when you click an image present in a blog post or page the lightbbox plugin starts its work by darkening the rest of page showing only your image to you, it also allows you to use arrow keys for viewing different images attached to the blog post you are reading, you an press ESC or cross button for closing the lightbox and returning back to your blog post.

Here we are discussing about same type of Lightbox plugin called Shutter Reloaded, this is one of the best lightbox plugin you can use in your WordPress site. But this plugin is under 10KB in size and doesn’t requires any external libraries, it makes it different from other lightbox plugins.

It has been loaded with some really good features like you can resize large images if your screen is too small to display them properly, you get the option for showing full size images, combining images in sets, redrawing the window after resizing, pre-loading of neighbour images for faster display and good browser compatibility.

Other than this it offers you the customization of color and opacity for background and color for caption text, buttons text and menu background etc. For user manual, demo and screenshots refer to plugin’s homepage.

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