WordPress Auto And Manual Installation Guidelines For Beginners

There are many different methods for installing WordPress. Some hosting providers provides you with some auto installers for WordPress, one click WordPress installer like Softcalculus etc but then also there are many new users who faces problem in installing WordPress on their web-hosting  Some people faces problem because they are new to WordPress, some are new to web hosting and cPanel or whatever they have purchased.

But never mind because here we are discussing about a common thing that you need to do for installing WordPress in your Domain.

WordPress is free and opensource publishing framework. Here you will be learning a general method for installing WordPress but you have the option to choose a more easy method like:

  • You can contact your hosting provider to install WordPress in your domain, sub-domain or any directory of your choice.
  • May be there is an auto-installer available for you to install WordPress in your domain or sub directory

Or, you can use this method:

Creating A MySQL Database For Your WordPress Site: First of all login to your hosting account and create a MySQL database. You will be needing Database Name, Database Username, Database User Password and Host in the next comming steps so make sure you have noted it down while creating your new MySQL database.

If you are using cPanel then you can simply click MySQL Database Wizard and easily create a new MySQL database. If you are not using cPanel instead using somthing else then try to find out the option for creating database or contact your hosting provider to help you. You can also look up for the help and documentation guides of your hosting account.

Installing WordPress: Download WordPress .zip or .tar file from WordPress.Org. Login to your hosting account and visit root directory (public_html), Now upload WordPress .zip file and extract (unarchive) it. You will be seeing a folder ‘wordpress’ you can rename it because it appears as your-domain.com/wordpress if you want to install it in your root directory then move all files inside wordpress folder to your site’s root directory so that it can appear as your-domain.com.

Now visit your-domain.com, it shows an error for creating a configuration file. Click the button ‘Create a Configuration File’, it asks for:

  • Database Name
  • Database Username
  • Database User Password
  • Databse Host

Enter these values and follow on screen steps. You have to give your website a name, select admin username and password etc. After installation it asks you to login to your account. Use the same username and password you have created in between WordPress installation wizard and login to your website‘s admin area dashboard.

If you face any problem, feel free to mention it here, we will be getting in touch with you shortly.

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