Show Your Featured Or Latest Content Using Beautiful Flewing Ticker In WordPress

In last tutorial about newsticker we discussed about a plugin called Ditty News Ticker that allows you to display auto scrolling custom content etc created by you. After that tutorial we got an email from one of our reader asking how he can show his latest blog posts instead of custom created messages in that type of ticker.

You can do so easily by using another WordPress plugin called WP-Newsticker, its available from a longer time and is popular among the WordPress users. The plugin provides you powerful and nice JQuery based ticker which can be implemented anywhere in WordPress. By Default this Newsticker shows 10 latest blog posts/pages. It allows you to set the display options from admin panel. View Demo Here

The plugin provides you following useful features:

  • Sliding text from right to left
  • Post date/link/title/brief description
  • Style, speed, order of posts, maximum posts/pages etc customization options

Installation & Usage: Install and activate the plugin then visit Dashboard -> Settings -> WP-Newsticker and make customizations by selecting:

  1. Order
  2. Order by
  3. Label Title
  4. Label color
  5. Specific categories
  6. Wrapper border color
  7. Number of posts/pages
  8. Label background color
  9. Wrapper background color
  10. Ticker Speed (the higher the slower)

After you complete up selecting your style you can use its shortcode [newsticker] anywhere inside your blog posts, pages or text widgets or you can make a function call by adding following code in your theme’s template files:

<?php include (ABSPATH . '/wp-content/plugins/wp-newsticker/news.php'); ?>

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