Official PayPal Android App Is Now Available At Google Play Store

PayPal is still among the most popular online payment mechanism and now Android users have an option to use PayPal in their Android devices in a better and easy way. You can enjoy PayPal on the go using your PayPal Android App in your Android device.

Send And Request Money: You can use it for sending and requesting money. Suppose you want to send a money gift or want to pay off a loan from a friend, its all easy and free.

Account Management: Account management it easy. You can check balance, withdraw funds, or view transactions.

Other Useful Features: You can snap a photo of a check for adding  money to your PayPal account, its free. Using its ‘Local’ feature, you can find local merchants using this new PayPal service, you can pay them with PayPal. Your financial information is always kept safe and secure with PayPal.

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