Show Your Latest Tweets With Fade In-&-Out Effect In WordPress

Tweet Fader is a WP widget plugin which uses jQuery for displaying your latest single tweets with a fade in & fade out effect in your WordPress site. The plugin requires a Twitter application so first you will be needing to create your app from Twitter Developers Page Here.

How  To Create A Twitter App ?

  1. Visit page
  2. Click ‘Create a new application’ button
  3. Give your application a name, description, enter your website address, Call Back URL (URL to return after successfully authentication) etc
  4. Type correct CAPTCHA and click ‘Create your Twitter application’ button
  5. Click ‘Create my Access Token’ button

You application details will get displayed which you will need at the time of configuring your Twitter Fader WordPress Widget.

How To Use Twitter Fader WordPress Widget ?

After creating your Twitter app:

  1. Install and activate Tweet Fader plugin
  2. Visit your admin area Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets page and drag its widget to your sidebar.
  3. Now enter your Twitter username, number of tweets to show, time interval between tweets and other application details.

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