How To Set Featured Image From WordPress Admin All Posts View?

Now you can view and edit your post’s thumbnails directly from All Posts list (Dashboard -> Posts -> All Posts) present in WordPress admin area dashboard. Featured Image Admin Thumb lets you do this in a very handy way. Install and activate this new WordPress plugin and then follow few simple steps.

featured-image-admin-thumb-fiat screenshot 1Screenshot shows the Thumb column in the All Pages/Posts admin view and in this case a thumbnail is available and shown. There would be a blank space if no thumbnail was found for the post or page.

featured-image-admin-thumb-fiat screenshot 2If the column is not showing in your All Posts/Pages view this shows you where you can check to see that the “Thumb” column is selected to be displayed

Upon activation the plugin automatically adds a new column in admin section’s ‘All Posts’ & ‘All Pages’ view. This new column shows featured thumbnail image attached to the Post/Page. Other than this the posts which don’t have any thumbnail attached, the plugin displays ‘Set Thumbnail’ button you can use for adding thumbnail to your post in admin post list view.

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