Classify Home Page By Showing Recent Posts From Each Category In WordPress

You can make your home page more classified by displaying your recent blog posts from each or selected category on homepage by using Shortcode.

Recent Posts From Each Category is a free WordPress plugin that provides you  shortcode to display recent posts from all or selected categories in box layout on your WordPress site’s homepage.

recent post from selected wp categories

You can easily configure the layout using its shortcode parameters as shown below:

[mycatlist title_length='5' cat='all' posts='2' excerpt_length='20' thumbnail='yes' cat_title_tag='h2' post_title_tag='h2' width='200px' title_only='no' cat_title_font_size='1.4em']

You can simply use only following shortcode for defaults which is equal to above given shortcode:


Or you can customize its parameter values like:

  1. cat : Comma separated list of category IDs (Default ‘all’)
  2. posts : Numbers of recent posts from each category (default ‘2’);
  3. title_length : Length of post title in words.. (default ‘5’)
  4. excerpt_length : Length of post excerpt(description) in words (default ’20’).
  5. thumbnail : ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to display or hide post thumbnail. Post featured image is used for thumbnail if available, if not then automatically generated from image used in post content. (default ‘yes’)
  6. cat_title_tag : Title tag used for category (box) title (default ‘h2’)
  7. post_title_tag : Title tag used for post title (default ‘h2’)
  8. width : Width of category box. (default ‘200px’)
  9. title_only : ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to display list of post titles only hiding thumbnail and post excerpt. (default ‘no’)
  10. cat_title_font_size : Font size of category title. (default ’20px’)
  11. limit : Set number of category box to display, this will short the categories according to most recent posts in it. (default ‘none’)

You can use its shortcodes inside your posts, pages and custom post types. For showing up recent posts from each or selected category on home page; first thing you will need to do is create a new page, paste your shortcode there and then set that static page as home page from Dashboard -> Settings -> Reading page.

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