NS Cloner Pro: Powerful Site Cloning Plugin For Creating Fully Configured Sites In WordPress Multisite Networks

Few days ago we discussed about NS Cloner plugin that allows WordPress multisite netwrk admins to clone existing WordPress sites to completely new ones with same old settings in just a few seconds.

This is a great feature for those multisite owners who run various blogs on different topics and for branding purposes that had to spend more time to make all subsites look same.

Now the company has launched NS Cloner Pro which is the premium version this powerful plugin.

The plugin provides you quick, easy and more enhanced features you can use for creating fully configured sites on your WordPressmultisite installation. You can easily Purchase it via PayPal then click “Go back to Never Settle LLC” if you check out through PayPal to return and get your download link immediately however a personal download link and receipt is mailed to you after the purchase.

How To Use NS Cloner Pro Plugin?

After downloading the plugin visit your Network Admin Dashboard -> Plugins -> Add New, click the Upload button. Upload its zip file and Network Activate the plugin.

Upon activation click NS Cloner Pro from Sites Menu present in your Network Admin Dashboard. Here you can select asite to copy, give name and address to your new site and click Never Settle & Clone Away button. The plugin is easy to use, given screenshot shows its admin area page.

NS Cloner Pro Mode:

  1. Clone Normal (use standard steps on left)
  2. Clone Over Existing Site (hover for details)
  3. Search & Replace on Existing Site (hover for details)

Additional Options & Features:

  1. Capture additional debug logging to Detailed Log
  2. Copy ALL existing posts from SOURCE to TARGET
  3. Copy ALL media files from SOURCE to TARGET
  4. Copy ALL users from SOURCE to TARGET
  5. Add another administrator to the TARGET site
  6. Smart Search and Replace SOURCE > TARGET

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