New Multisite Auditor For WordPress Multisite Networks

Now you can properly audit your WordPress themes and plugins for large multisite installations running 1000+ websites. You can access detailed report on data and statistics for each any every theme and plugin you have installed on your network. 

Multisite Auditor is the new WordPress plugin that provides you details on which websites are using which themes and plugins.

The plugin is powerful and is optimized for large multisite installations having more than 1000 sites. However, it also works on smaller network installations.


  • Displays data and stats for each any every theme and plugin
  • Shows theme use across the entire network
  • Shows plugin use across the entire network
  • Quickly view the most popular themes and most activated plugins
  • Shows themes that no longer exist – i.e. broken sites
  • Easily bulk switch sites using one theme from another
  • Uses jQuery datatables for much easier sorting / searching that the standard WP tables
  • Audit your site once – data is kept to date automatically
Start by installing ‘Multisite Auditor’ plugin in WordPress

Multisite Auditor 1

Upon activation, navigate to ‘Multisite Auditor’ menu item on the Network admin section.

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