Powerful WordPress Plugin For Creating A Business Website In Seconds

Quick Business Website is a brand new powerful WordPress plugin that transforms a simple WordPress blog into a fully functional business website. The plugin works same as advertised by its developers. It provides you a quick and easy interface for showcasing and managing your business pages. It automatically creates pages like contact, about, review etc soon after activation and hence you don’t need creating those pages from default admin area interface instead you manage them from this plugin’s AJAX powered user friendly admin section. There are a lot more features, after activation your website will immediately have:

  1. A Reviews page for visitors to review your business
  2. Contact page with a working contact form
  3. section to showcase your Staff, with links to their social profiles
  4. A section to showcase your Services
  5. An announcements section to post sales, events, news, or anything
  6. 6 Quick Business Website widgets
  7. Table buttons in your post editor to easily create tables (makes it easy to create a pricelist)
  8. The wp-login.php page will show your blogname with a link to your home page, instead of “WordPress” linking to WordPress.
  9. Backend branding tweaks: You can change or remove the footer text in the WP Admin area. You can remove the WordPress links from Admin/tool bar.
  10. You can add your Google Analytics or other scripts via the options panel, without touching your code.

Installation & Usage:

Install and activate Quick Business Website plugin. After activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> Quick Business Website admin page and enter your business information and…

And your WordPress site will automatically have:

  • Schema.org LocalBusiness microdata on the Contact page as recommended by Google, to help generating rich snippets in Google search results.
  • About page & a working Review page where your visitors can place reviews for your website.
  • Contact page displaying contact form and also links to your business’s social profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, etc.), business hours, address, phone, fax number, and email address etc (all are optional).

Other than this you can add your Staff Members from Dashboard -> Staff -> Add New, Make announcements from Dashboard -> Announcements -> Add New and Services from Dashboard -> Services -> Add New.

An example of staff page:

Widgets showing Featured Services, Featured Announcements and Staff:

Review Page and Form:

All submitted reviews are held in moderation, you can approve, spam or trash them from Dashboard -> Smartest Reviews page.

The plugin has many other options and features but you can easily mange them all so install and activate the plugin and start playing.

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