How To Clone WordPress Websites In Multisite Network?

You can easily clone existing WordPress websites to completely new ones in just a few seconds with all content, theme option and plugin configurations etc.

NS Cloner – Site Copier, a WordPress plugin allows mutisite network administrators to do so in just a few clicks.

Developers who host and manage client websites in their own WP multisite environ may use it for rapidly rolling out new baseline websites with all their standard theme options, plugin settings, content images and other configurations in place.

Also great for Web Designers who create several versions of same website for testing purpose to play with several design in parallel without having to re-install same stuff over and over.

Start by installing ‘NS Cloner – Site Copier’ plugin in WordPress 

Upon activation, visit network admin dashboard and navigate to NS Cloner V3. Now select a website to clone from the drop down menu.

NS Cloner - Site Copier 1

Give your new website a name, title, URL and then finally click the CLONE button. That’s it, in a few seconds it will show you the details of newly created website with all pre-configured settings of existing website. The plugin also provides you a premium upgrade with more options and features.

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