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How To Insert Read More Button In WordPress?

The ‘Read More’ button is used to display only a part or paragraph of your blog post on the home page of your website. It works on all tags, categories, subscribers’ emails, blog feeds, and multiple post pages of any WordPress site.

You can insert a read more button on posts you make on your WordPress website. There’s no need to install any plugins. All you have to do is while writing any blog post, follow these steps:

  1. Finalize where you want to insert the ‘Read More’ button such as after the first paragraph or second.
  2. Press ‘Enter’ to come to a fresh line
  3. Click the ‘+’ button visible on the right side of the block inserter
  4. In the search box type ‘More’
  5. The ‘More’ block will come visible
  6. Click to insert it

You will see that the ‘Read More’ block has been inserted and now your post is showing only excerpt with a ‘Read More’ button, instead of the whole post on the home and multi-post pages of your website.

Another problem arises when you suddenly come to know about this option and other posts on your website show up full so what to do now? Should you edit all posts and insert the ‘More’ block or is there any other option? Well, there is an option, and we will discuss about it in the next lesson.

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