Display Estimated Reading Time For Each Of Your WordPress Article

You can encourage your visitors to read any post by showing them estimated post reading time. Post Reading Time is a WordPress plugin that estimates the time a reader will need to go through the article. Likewise an average visitor takes a minute to read 250 – 300, so you can change the default settings in way you like, the default for this plugin is 200 words per minute.

Post Reading Time Features:

  • Includes Widget  support
  • You can customize the words per minute number
  • It show time in minutes or both minutes and seconds
  • Allows you to select the prefix and suffix before the time shows

First of all install and activate it the you have two options. Either add its widget from Dashboard-> Appearance-> Widgets-> Post Reading Time 

OR drop the following code in your theme templates:

<?php post_read_time(); ?>

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