Easily Keep Track Of Your Less Productive Time Spent On Internet

You can now keep track of time you have spent in doing less-productive things on Internet. This may include activities like checking your social media accounts, profiles, reading posts made your friends on Facebook etc.

Web Timer, a Chrome extension lets you keep track of how you are spending your time on Internet.

The extension visualizes your Internet time by displaying the data in a pie chart. It works by tracking the websites you visit and the time you spend there.

Another good feature of this app is that it doesn’t counts the time when you are away from your laptop, it automatically stops counting time if your machine goes idle for more than 30 seconds.

Web Timer 1

It keeps statistics for today, daily average, and all-time and you can also share these stats with your friends online.

Other than this it provides you option for disabling the tracking for some selected websites. And you should know that all tracking data is kept saved locally on your web browser and cannot be seen by any third party website.

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