Enable Any Theme For One Website Only In WordPress Multisite Network

When a theme is network enabled on WordPress multisite network, it automatically gets available for all website owners registered on your website network.

But lets say you have designed a theme for some specific website and you want to make it accessible only for that particular website admin then what?

In this lesson you will learn how to use any specific theme on any specific WordPress site on your multisite network. 

Login to your multisite network admin dashboard and navigate to Network Admin -> Theme  page and make your that theme is network disabled.

Now navigate to Network Admin -> Sites screen and scroll down to site where you want to enable that specific theme and click ‘Edit’ button.

It directs you to a page from where you can make changes to that website. What all you have to do is click on ‘Themes’ tab and it will show you the list of all network disabled and single sub site enabled themes on your website.

Select the theme you want to enable on that website and click ‘Apply’ button. That’s it.

Now the admin of this website will be able to see this theme on their admin area dashboard Appearance -> Themes screen whereas other site admins will not be able to see or activate it on their websites.

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