Add Flash Photo Gallery, Video Gallery, Music Album & Banner Rotator In Your WordPress Site

Add Photo Gallery, Video Gallery, Music Album & Banner Rotator in your WordPress Site.

You can upload images, import music & video, create beautiful photo gallery, different music playlists, group pictures via slide shows, easily add a brief description to each image, MP3 or Video. GRAND FlAGallery plugin does all this alone. It makes your site much more attractive by adding image gallery, mp3 player, video player, banner rotator, nivo slider or widgets. SEO optimized, compatibility with Google Reader, FeedBerner, etc.

Usage :

  1. Install and Activate GRAND FlAGallery.
  2. Make sure that after activation ‘wp-content/plugins/flagallery-skins’ folder (chmod 755) created successfully. If not, create it manually and install skins through admin Skins page or via ftp.
  3. Add a gallery and upload images (Remember: the main gallery folder must have write permission).
  4. Open your post/page an enter tag ‘[flagallery gid=X name=”ALBUM TITLE”]’, Where X – gallery IDs separated by comma; ALBUM TITLE – title of your album (default ‘Gallery’). Easy way is click FlAGallery button on the Editor panel.
  5. For using additional Flash Skins (optional), visit to Flash Skins, download the skin and upload the file through Skins page in WordPress admin panel.

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