Make Use Of Pre-Written Emails With Gmail Canned Response

Tired of copy-pasting or composing same email messages over and over? You may use canned email responses and save yourself from repetitive typing or copy-pasting text from other email messages.

Gmail Labs provides you canned response feature that enables you to compose email messages you send again and again to different people, now send them in just one easy click. You can also send canned responses manually or automatically via email filters.

How To Use Gmail Canned Responses?

Login to your Gmail account and follow the given steps:

  1. Click the gear from the top right side .
  2. Select Settings and then switch to ‘Labs’ tab.
  3. Find ‘Canned Responses‘. canned gmail response 1
  4. Select ‘Enable‘ radio button
  5. Scroll down and click ‘Save Changes‘.

Gmail Canned Responses are enabled on your email account. Now compose an email which you like to use again and again and click the arrow in the lower right corner of your email message screen.

canned gmail response 2

Select ‘Canned Responses‘ option, choose ‘New Canned Response‘. Name it and then click ‘OK‘.

Now you can reply to any email with pre-created canned response. Again click the same arrow button, select ‘Canned Responses‘ and click a canned response to insert.

canned gmail response 3

This will insert that canned response in the body of your email message.

You can do even more like automatically send canned responses on the basis of label, subject, sender, keyword etc, we will discuss about these features in next lesson.

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