How To Send Link Previews Over Gmail Email Messages?

By default, the links shared on an email message are not parsed or fetched. Email letters simply display clickable links without showing any preview or fetched information in them.

Whereas links shared on social media websites (like Facebook) shows a rich snippet of the shared web page, image, link, title and description. This lesson is about implementing link preview feature in your email messages.

Raw links are fine but they are not considered good for sending promotional email messages because they don’t offer any clue of where they are going to take your recipient.

Hence, people who don’t know you, your business or your website, avoid clicking them.

You can send fetched links in your emails

Clip Better is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to email link previews from anywhere on Internet.

All fetched links includes an image from the shared web page, the web page title, a small summary. Very much similar to links shared on social networking websites like Facebook.

This way your email recipient gets an idea about the web page he is going to click.

This is not all but you can also edit the link title and description before sending the link preview in your email.

The extension is integrated with Gmail but you can use the previews over other email services and office apps simply by copy-pasting them.

Start by adding ‘Clip Better’ in your Google Chrome browser

Once installed, it automatically adds its icon on the top right corer of your web browser.

How To Send Link Previews Over Email Messages? 1

Clicking that button from any web page shows you the link preview with a ‘Copy‘ and ‘Send with Gmail‘ option.

How To Send Link Previews Over Email Messages? 2

If you are a Gmail user then you can easily add link preview using ‘Send with Gmail‘ button.

How To Send Link Previews Over Email Messages? 3

Else use ‘Copy‘ button, it copies the snippet in your clip board and then you may paste to use it wherever you like.

Removing App’s Promotional Text

How To Send Link Previews Over Email Messages? 4

Link snippets also shows up this app’s promotional text (below the fetched link) but that is completely editable, you can easily click and delete app’s promotional text or just leave it there so that others can also get benefited from the app as well.

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