Check Whether Website Is Accessible From Other Countries

Sometimes it happens that other netizens fail to access your website in some parts of the world. This may happen due to some problem in IP, ISP i.e. Internet Service Provider, web-hosting issue, due to some firewall active in schools, colleges and offices blocking your website content etc.

Whatsoever may be the reason, you certainly need to make sure that the website is accessible across all countries to avoid loss of potential visitors and so that you can get all benefits of online marketing.

CA App Synthetic Monitor is a free service that can check your websites, servers and displays you the report.

Website's Accessibility

Currently it can check the accessibility of your website across 90 countries. It also shows you the percentage of how much packet of your website is lost in some parts of world.

Website packet loss is acceptable in one or two or three countries as that may happen because of some temporary problem. But if you see your website blocked anywhere permanently then it is the time to act.


You should contact your hosting provider and report this problem. Also check your website’s .htaccess file (located in site’s root directory i.e. public_html) for some IP range block code.

The best advice to avoid such traffic block issues is to host your website on a dedicated server or a virtual private server i.e. VPS as they give you sufficient amount of resources, traffic monitoring, 99.9% up-time and are manged by the experts at

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