How To Duplicate An Email Draft To Multiple Copies On Gmail?

Suppose you have created a draft in your Gmail email box and now you want to send that specific message to many addresses but separately. We already wrote a lesson, providing you best solution for this but then some emailed us requesting some old school trick of duplicating drafts.

Canned Response is one easy solution for such issues, you can know more about Gmail Canned Responses here. Or continue reading this lesson and learn creating multiple copies of drafts so that you can easily send them one by one just by pasting a new email address every-time.

Likewise you know, when a new email message is composed, it is auto-saved to drafts and when the email is dispatched, it automatically moves to the sent folder. So by default you can only create multiple drafts by saving same message again and again. To do this you will need to hit ‘Compose’ button, paste message and then hit close button.

Another way of doing same thing but in automation is to authorize a Google Script. Once authorized, you will need to select a draft, then set the number of duplicate copies to make for it.

Copied drafts automatically includes the text, subject line, and attachments. This works pretty handy when you’re sending same email to multiple addresses and don’t want to carbon copy them.

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