How To Undo Send (Unsend) Your Gmail Emails?

Gmail now provides you an option to unsend any email message. It now provides you an undo for send email button. Using this feature you can unsend any email after the ‘Send’ button is clicked.

So now if you make a typo or accidentally emailed wrong letter to wrong person then you can undo the action by clicking “Undo send” button. It simply provides you an option to take back a conversation you just sent.

How To Enable Undo Send On Gmail?

Start by logging into your Gmail account and then follow the given steps:

  1. Click the gear from the top right side .
  2. Select Settings and scroll down
  3. Enable “Undo Send” option. Undo Send Gmail
  4. Set the cancellation period time in seconds (it is the time limit you have to decide if you want to unsend an email.)
  5. Click Save Changes and that’s it.

Now next time you send any email by clicking ‘Send’ button, Gmail will display you an email sent notification with an ‘Undo’ link as shown in the given screenshot.

Undo Send Gmail 2

By clicking this ‘Undo’ link you can stop any email from getting delivered to the specified email address.

How Undo Send Email Works?

When undo send option is enabled and delay time is set on Gmail settings page. Gmail automatically holds the email (i.e. delays sending the email message) for specified period and in the mean time you may click ‘Undo’ link to stop and re-edit your email message.

The only limitation of this awesome feature is that it may not work if you experience Internet connection issues.

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