Find Which Of Your Emails Are Being Tracked & Block All Email Tracking Scripts

Email tracking is a method of monitoring the delivery followed by other action done by the recipient. Most of the tracking technologies use some form of digitally time-stamped record in order to reveal the exact time and date that an email was received, opened and clicked.

Earlier we have discussed how you can make use of tracking technology to start tracking your emails. Today you will learn how to find out which if the email is being tracked and disable tracking on your email account.

If you just want to know which of your emails are being tracked then give a try to Ugly Email, a Gmail extension designed for Chromebooks and Google Chrome browser.

It simply enables you to see if the email is being tracked before opening it. It automatically integrates with Gmail and marks every tracking email with the “evil eye” so you can easily identify them.

The extension stopped working before in some older version but now it works same as advertised. But it may slow down you Gmail account causing conflict with other extensions you have installed on your Chrome browser.

Another extension called PixelBlock blocks people from tracking you when you open and read their emails. It works by blocking email tracking attempts used to detect when you open or read emails. The extension displays a ‘red eye’ when it finds and blocks any tracking attempt inside of the email you are reading.

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