Automatically Save Gmail Emails With Attachments To Google Drive

Now you can set your Google Drive to automatically download and save Gmail email conversations as PDF and other file attachments in their native format.

Save Emails and Attachments is a Google Chrome app that can be used for auto-saving invoices, conversations, important emails, images, videos, office files and everything else you receive as text or attachment in your inbox.

Start by installing ‘Save Emails and Attachments’ extension in your Google Chrome or Chromium browser

It asks you to create a rule which is very much like creating Gmail filters, followed by specifying a folder (to save email & attachments) in your Google Drive.

The script runs automatically in background every hour and auto-saves matching emails to specified folder in your Google Drive.

If you are in hurry and cannot stand for automated hourly process then you can manually run this task:

  1. Access Google Sheet
  2. Navigate to Addons then Save Emails and Attachment
  3. Select ‘Manage Rules’
  4. Pick a previously created rule
  5. Hit ‘Run’ button to start the download process

Now as soon any email thread is saved to your Google Drive, a ‘Saved’ label is placed to the conversation. You can set this app to save emails with or without attachments.

Everything else is made explicit in the given video tutorial, this free addon also provides you a premium version that allows you to create unlimited mapping rules and provides faster performance.

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