Set Google Alert To Get Latest News Updates From Your Niche

Google Alert is an awesome tool that allows anyone to set alert for any topic they are interested in. Great for bloggers.

You can easily subscribe to latest news alerts from topics in your nice and get them delivered directly to your email inbox.

Suppose you blog about WordPress, you may set an alert for WordPress and get automatically notified about what’s new happening with WordPress community.

Subscribing Google Feed for specific keyword is another option to subscribe an alert.

In this lesson you will learn about creating Goggle Alerts and monitoring world wide web for interesting new content.

How To Create A Google Alert?

Login to your Google account and then follow the given steps:

  1. Visit Google Alert website
  2. The website shows you various alert suggestions, you may add them by clicking the ‘+’ button. OR Google Alert 1
  3. You may create an alert for desired keyword by typing it in ‘Create an alert about…’ box Google Alert 2
  4. You may select the option between email and feeds.
  5. Under email option, it allows you to set the delivery frequency.

As soon alerts are added, Google Alert page starts to show you all alerts your are subscribed to. Here you can remove them, manage them and subscribe to more alerts.

Google Alert 3

This is very useful feature for bloggers who wants to be up-to date about new topics in their blogging niche.

Using Google Alert they can create new articles on the basis of latest news and updates. But don’t over-subscribe alerts else you will get lots and lots of new emails delivered to your inbox.

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