PHP Was Never Written In Perl

Morons keep assuming that PHP was written in Perl. Wikipedia is spreading this false notion. Wikipedians take words of Rasmus Lerdorf less reliable. It is visible on Wikipedia page history that many tried to correct this mistake but its bureaucratic approach had undone all that.

Even the creator of PHP Rasmus Lerdorf  himself says that PHP was never witten in Perl and real world doesn’t require any other source not even Wikipedia to confirm the truth. Simply learn PHP and it is not Perl. Actually Wikipedia was using the Wiki written in Pearl before Magnus Manske actually recreated Wikipedia in PHP. That very stuff is named by Wiki Media Foundation  as MediaWiki.

Know what PHP is: PHP is one of the most popular and widely used server side scripting language which used for creating dynamic webcontent and applications that interact with the user offering customized information. PHP originally stood for Personal Home Pages but somewhere the acronym get changed to Hypertext Pre-processor.

PHP has given new dimensions to the lives of Jimmy Wales, Mark Zuckerberg and many others. Where Jimmy Wales started from Bomis.Com providing free to premium access of users to X-rated content. Later-on he gained huge amount of credibility after founding Wikipedia. And Mark Zuckerberg, who had almost no friends created Facebook which is now the largest social networking system.

Wikipedia and Facebook are different frameworks but they both run on PHP. WordPress is also PHP programmed most popular blogging platform. So better don’t take any wrong idea about this dominant web-technology. PHP was never written in Perl and in this regard Wikipedia is less reliable than Rasmus Lerdorf.

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