Best WordPress Plugins To Edit And Retouch Images In WordPress

Earlier we have discussed about editing photos with native WordPress functionality. We have tested a lot of new plugins and in this article we are listing some of the best ones you can use to retouch your website images. 

Image Pro – Image resizing and media management done right

Image Pro - Image resizing and media management done right

Upload, resize, add, change images instantly. Manage your media collection with ease and use it for any post or page. A new way of managing content!

Client Side Image Resize

Client Side Image Resize

Allows you to set a custom size which is used for resizing your high resolution images on upload.

POWr Photo Filter

POWr Photo Editor

With this plugin you can easily give simple image effects to your photos in your WordPress site. The plugin allows you to use dynamic filters on images in your website. You can edit images right in your web pages.

ImageMagick Sharpen Resized Images

ImageMagick Sharpen Resized Images 1

Sharpens resized JPG image uploads via ImageMagick so it keeps quality, EXIF information, color profiles and crops.

Aviary Photo Editor

aviary photo editor

Integrates The Awesome Aviary editor In the WordPress Media Library.

DIYCWare Image Editor

DIYCWare Image Editor

Adds customer image upload and image editing functionality to your e-commerce site.

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