Inserting Special Characters In WordPress

WordPress supports special characters and now its update of 4.2 has made writing in WordPress much better. It supports a host of new characters out-of-the-box, including native Chinese, Japanese, and Korean characters, musical and mathematical symbols, and hieroglyphs.

And even if you don’t make use of any of such characters then you can have fun with popular emoji, the ideograms and smileys 😃.

In this lesson you will learn about using special characters in your WordPress posts, pages and other custom post types using native visual editor of WordPress.

Visit your admin area dashboard and navigate to Posts -> Add New or open any old post/post type to edit.

Make sure your visual editor is showing the second toolbar, if not then you can make it visible with ‘Toggle’ button (first row’s last button).

special character

Click ‘Special character’ button (second row’s sixth button from last), this popsup a box and you will be able to select and insert special character simply by clicking it.

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