WordPress oEmbed Now Also Works With Tumblr, Kickstarter And More

oEmbed is a format to enable embedded presentation of any URL on third party websites. It enables the website to display embedded content like photos and videos etc simply by pasting a link to that resource, without having to parse the resource directly.

Earlier we have shared various lessons about oEmbedding in WordPress. WordPress allows you to oEmbed photos, videos and tweets and the new WordPress update of 4.2 has extended this functionality to other popular services.

Now WordPress oEmbed is not just limited to photos, videos and tweets but you can also oEmbed Tumblr posts and Kickstarter campaigns.


All you have to do is follow traditional process of oEmbedding i.e. simply paste the URL in its own line (new line) and publish/update the post, page or custom post type.

The oEmbed content will automatically appear on the frontend of your website.

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