Ellipsis (…) To Hide Specified Number Of Characters In WordPress Post Title

Earlier we have discussed about forcing post title characters limit to a defined number. Likewise display title on search engine results page is limited to 70 chars and hence last characters after 70 are automatically trimmed. 

This lesson is not about forcing your website authors to use specified number of characters but here you will learn how to allow your authors to show a limited number of characters for any long post title.

Limit Characters in Title is a simple WordPress plugin which upon activation provides you a metabox on post edit screen. The metabox simply allows you to limit post title characters to show up on frontend of your website.

Start by installing ‘Limit Characters in Title’ plugin in WordPress

Once the plugin is activated, it adds its metabox on ADD NEW/EDIT content screen.

Limit Characters in Title 1

To limit any post title characters, simply type in the number of characters you like to show up and select whether you like displaying an ellipsis (…) at the end of the post title.

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