How To Bulk Convert Posts To Custom Post Types In WordPress?

With in a few clicks you can convert your WordPress posts or pages to some other custom post types and also you can do opposite of same i.e. you can convert any custom post type to posts or pages. Convert Post Types provides you the functions for converting posts and post types in WordPress.

This is not just limited to conversion but the plugin also enables you to limit the conversion to posts from a single category or children of some specific pages and vice versa. You can also assign new taxonomy terms (like tags and categories), which will get automatically added to the posts’ existing terms. This way you can migrate any specific category to a new post type without disturbing any other content.

To start, first install and activate Convert Post Types plugin. Take backup of you database before you start playing with this plugin or if you are sure about what you are doing then visit your admin area Dashboard -> Tools -> Convert Post Types admin page and choose the ‘Convert from‘ and ‘Convert to‘ post type options.

How To Convert WordPress Posts To Custom Post Types In Bulk?

Select a category if you want limiting this conversion. You can add taxonomies to get auto assigned to your content after the post type conversion process. Finally, click the ‘Convert‘ button and wait for the process to complete, process time depends entirely on the amount of content you are converting.

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