How To Use Custom Website Titles For Selected Posts, Pages & Taxonomies In WordPress?

We have discussed about the plugins that lets you show menus and widgets on the basis of post, pages and taxonomies etc. But now you can use similar feature for showing up a custom title on some specific webpages of your WordPress site. Flexible Blogtitle is the new very lightweight plugin which enables you to set conditions for displaying custom titles on selected areas of your website.

The plugin provides you objects which can be assigned with one of the available operators: is, is not and contains. You can use these operators on the basis of Post ID, Page ID, Post/page title, Categories and other custom taxonomies and terms etc. To start using Flexible Blogtitle plugin first install and activate it, then folow then visit Dashboard -> Settings > Flexible Blogtitle and add your rules.

Adding custom title rules is easy. First thing you need to do is get the post, page, category or whatever ID where you want to show up a custom website title. Content ID can be obtained by using Reveal IDs plugin, the plugin automatically adds a new column showing IDs for posts, pages, category, tags and all other admin archive pages.

Now as soon you obtain ID, you can very easily add rules. Simply visit Dashboard -> Settings > Flexible Blogtitle admin page and follow the steps:

  1. Select the object like page, post, category, taxonomy term etc
  2. Select the operator like ‘is’, ‘is not’ or ‘contains’
  3. Enter content ID and new custom title
  4. Finally, click ‘Add Rule’ button

As soon you click ‘Add Rule’ button, it will get listed there. You can add as many rules you need and they can be manged in bulk.

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