How To Sync Your Social Accounts To BuddyPress Activity Stream?

BuddyStream provides you a powerful synchronization for all popular social networking websites to BuddyPress activity stream. With free version of BuddyStream you can synchronize – Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, & Flickr social streams whereas as its premium version lets you include more social networks like Facebook, Google+, Vimeo, RSS, LinkedIn and SoundCloud.


So if you are running a BuddyPress based social networking website and if your users are not posting updates on regular basis then you may use BuddyStream to make your users appear active and your website full of content.

How BuddyStream Works?

First admins set the social network configurations from dashboard.

Then each user on your BuddyPress website can select what social networks he wants to add for synchronization with his BuddyPress profile. There after suppose a user tweets anything, the tweets will automatically be imported to his BuddyPress activity stream, if he shares an image on Instagram or Flicker then image uploads will automatically be imported to BuddyPress.

BuddyStream Example

In the same way it works for other social networks. You can turn sync on/off for social networks from Dashboard -> BuddyStream -> Power Central (tab).

You can set more options from Dashboard -> BuddyStream -> Settings (tab) -> General Settings (subtab):

  1. You can enable social abums feature.
  2. You can move social albums under profile navigation.
  3. You can enable sharing on groups and forums.
  4. You can disable all BuddyStream CSS includes.
  5. You can disable BuddyStream buddybox (popup for images and video’s).
  6. You can disable location feature in BuddyStream.


How To Use BuddyStream?

Install and activate BuddyStream plugin (See: How to install a plugin in WordPress?)

Each social network configuration is needed to set by admin from its page on BuddyStream menu (like Dashboard -> BuddyStream -> Twitter).

After the social network configurations are set from Dashboard -> BuddyStream menu, your website members can add their social accounts from frontend by visiting their profile settings page and selecting ‘Social Networks’ option.

A member can easily add his social account (like Facebook, Twitter etc) simply by entering his username and password.

Site admins can watch members using the feature and they can also view statistics, manage filters and more from the settings page.

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