BuddyPress Activity Privacy

Enable Facebook Style Activity Privacy Settings In BuddyPress

With BuddyPress Activity Privacy plugin you can add Facebook type activity privacy options in BuddyPress so that while posting anything new or while updating status your network users can set the privacy and make that content available for limited users. Just like Facebook’s ‘Who can see’ small icon you can add ability to restrict who can see individual activity posts shared by your BuddyPress community site members.

How it’s Work ?

Install and activate BuddyPress Activity Privacy plugin. Upon activation, BuddyPress Activity Privacy adds following privacy controls to the post update box used by your network users:

  • Anyone
  • Logged In Users
  • My Friends
  • Admin Only
  • Only Me

Some of the privacy options are component-dependent. For example, the “Friends Only” privacy option in the dropdown will not show up unless you have the Friends component activated in the BuddyPress settings panel.

And when using this feature in a group the group-specific privacy options will be added to the dropdown, inlcluding:

  • My Friends in a Group
  • Group Members
  • Group Moderators
  • Group Admins

The plugin is compatible with popular ‘Buddypress Follow’ plugin & ‘Buddypress Activity Plus’ plugin

If you are using BuddyPress Follow in your networking site the BP Activity Privacy adds more privacy levels like:

  • My Followers
  • My followers in Group

It also provides auto integration for Buddypress Activity Plus plugin:

Admin Settings & Options:

Other than this the plugin allows admins to configure BP Activity Privacy settings. From the settings menu of his WordPress administration, the administrator can configure BP Activity Privacy by :

  • Enable/Disable a privacy level.
  • Sort the privacy levels.
  • Change the default privacy level.

As soon you activate the plugin, it directs you to a page showing details about its new and old features with screenshots.

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