Mute Friends To Shed Unwanted BuddyPress Activity Stream Items

Now you can easily enable your BuddyPress site members to mute their friends in order to shed unwanted activity items from their activity streams. 

BuddyPress Mute is the new WordPress plugin that allows you to do so very easily on your BuddyPress based social networking website.

Start by installing ‘BuddyPress Mute’ plugin in BuddyPress

Upon activation, visit the frontend of your community website, visit all members page or open any individual user’s page and you will be noticing a new button ‘Mute’ that will allow you to mute other members.

Mute BuddyPress Friends 1

There are plenty of reasons when you can use the plugin, under many conditions blocking or unfriending anyone aren’t appropriate solutions specially when you don’t want to dissociate yourself from that person.

Mute BuddyPress Friends 2

In such cases you can use this plugin to mute activity of your friends. You can mute friends posting too many promotional messages or any former colleague always talking about work projects etc etc.

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