Turn BuddyPress Activity Stream InTo Facebook Style Wall Where Friends Can Post

Now you can easily transform your BuddyPress Activity Stream Component into a Facebook-style Wall where others can posts and share things.

So now you can use Facebook type wall posting feature in your BuddyPress site too. All you will be needing to do is install and activate the new BuddyPress plugin called BuddyPress Wall. After activation the plugin automatically does the following things:

  1. Members can post status, updates and reply on each other’s walls i.e. Activity Streams
  2. The plugin transforms Favorite-Unfavorite module of BuddyPress to Facebook Style “I Like/Unlike”.
  3. BuddyPress Wall changes add a new comment system similar to Facebook.

Members can write on the Wall their friends – Activity tab becomes Wall Tab, all activities personal, friends and groups are printed are orderd in one screen : News Feed.

Facebook Type New comment – A member can post a new comment just by typing it and hitting Enter to post or Esc to cancel.

Favorite-Unfavorite module of BuddyPress turns to Facebook Style “I Like/Unlike” feature.

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