How To Add YouTube Style Page Loader Bar In WordPress?

Google+, YouTube and there are various other services which shows up a slim page loader bar on the top of the page. The bar simply displays a loading color fields which starts when you open a new page and goes away as soon the the page loads completely.

Page Loader Bar

How To Enable Page Loader Bar?

PmZez Ajax Page Loader is the new WordPress plugin which upon activation adds a slim AJAX based progress bar at the top of the screen. Simply and activate it and that’s it.


  • Slim progress bar.
  • Ajax’y applications.
  • Dynamically call jQuery Library.
  • Fully Responsive.
  • Mobile supported.
  • Very Lightweight. Only 6.5KB


How To Change Color Of Page Loader Bar?

YouTube & Google+ Style Page Loader Bar For WordPress

By default the plugin doesn’t provides you any admin option to change the color but you can easily change it to match your website’s theme and colors:

  1. Visit your admin area Dashboard -> Plugins -> Editor page and select ‘PmZez Ajax Page Loader’ plugin from the dropdown select box
  2. From the right ‘Plugin Files’ section select pmzez-page-loader/css/nprogress.css file
  3. Now you can change background, border-top-color, border-left-color colors by adding your custom color codes
  4. Save the file and that’s it

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